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Re: [IP] Hey! Watch that HTML mail!!

At 01:47 PM 1/12/1999  Brady, David wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I subscribe to the digest version of this chatty group.
>A request: some of the members are sending their mail with embedded html
>formatting.  It makes their valuable comments very difficult to read in the

Some email programs send HTML text and the users are not even aware of it.
As an example, Eudora users need to make sure that they turn off "styled
text". Although it may not look like HTML, that is what it actually is.
Since I use Eudora myself, I can read all these posts, just fine. But other
mailers can't and all these users see is a bunch of garbage instead of what
you wrote. MS Outlook Express often has HTML turned on my default... there
is an option to turn it off.

Since the idea here is to share information, whatever you can do to help
make your posts more readable will be very much appreciated by everyone.

Sam Skopp
Insulin Pumpers Administrator of the Week

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