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Re: [IP] Battery Problems

Michael wrote:

>Warning -- batteries purchased from retail distribution, even medical 
>supply houses, are not always up to snuff. I have found that the 
>batteries I purchase from MM directly always last between 2 and 3 
>months, while the ones from the drugstore or mail order may last that 
>long, or only a few weeks. The problem is in the storage and handling 
>of the batteries. They are all made at the same time/place.
I don't know if the MiniMed 507 and 507c use a "battery carrier" like the
506 did. If they do, remember to check it as a possible source of your
"battery problems". I had a couple times when I needed to replace the
battery carrier, rather than the batteries. This didn't become obvious
until I went through about 6 batteries, trying to find a combination which
worked. Replacing the battery carrier solved the problem pronto. MiniMed
was kind to send one overnight when needed.

Bob Burnett

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