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[IP] Hey! Watch that HTML mail!!

Hi everyone,

I subscribe to the digest version of this chatty group.

A request: some of the members are sending their mail with embedded html
formatting.  It makes their valuable comments very difficult to read in the
digest.  Here are a few names in recent digests that have posted such
messages - 

From: "Doug/Robyn Roth" <email @ redacted>
From: "Aaron Michelson" <email @ redacted>
From: Rhonda Tyo <email @ redacted>
From: "John Bowen and Nancy Morgan" <email @ redacted>
From: "James M Schurig" <email @ redacted>
From: Stacey Phillips <email @ redacted>
From: Melvin Abbott <email @ redacted>
From: "JAMES C BENNETT" <email @ redacted>
...plus many others...

If anyone needs help in turning off html formatting in their e-mail program
I'll be glad to lend a hand - just send me an e-mail!

(Hopefully, my message isn't html formatted!!!)


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