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At 11:11 AM 1/12/1999  ellen wrote:
>got another question for the group... as most know, pump and I went live on
>friday with straight H... what I've noticed is that if I bolus for food,
>it'll take a full 5 hours to see the results... example: this norning got
>up at 123, not bad considering where my bg's have been... *S*... ate and
>bolused at 8am... tested at 12:30 when I got home from teaching class and
>was at 236... ouch!! tested again at 1:00 when I felt like eating again and
>was suddenly at 145... same meter the whole time... this is a trend since
>friday when I started pumping... 
>it seems that it takes a full 5 hours for the H bolus to do it's thing...
>is this to be expected or what??? this trend happens no matter what I eat
>or how large the bolus is... ride high for 4 hours then the drop... never
>noticed this on shots but then I was shooting R and N... last time I used H
>*injected* it kicked in so fast that I had to wait till I was halfway
>through a meal before using it...

Some people react more slowly to H than others. Had you ever used it
before?? Did it react slowly previously? I know it takes me about 50%
longer than the published times for it to work with me. 

Another factor may be your basal levels. If they are too low, you may be
needing more H just to cover the lack of an adequate basal. The test is to
fast for a period of time... if your BGs stay relatively level, then your
basals are OK. You also may find that your basals need to be tweaked for
different times of the day... I found I was high in the am and low after
noon... I had the dawn effect and some insulin resistance in the morning
and had to adjust my basals to compensate. What are your BG levels at 3am??
(not fun at that hour, but it is really helpful). 

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