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Re: [IP] bent cannuela and strange happenings

I checked the bolus after completion and stayed up an extra hour to make sure my
bg was at an acceptable level so I know it delivered. I have not had anymore
problems at all so I am thinking more and more that I must have had a dream or
something I was going low and suspended my pump. I know it sounds crazy but
without any more episodes I am at a loss to explain it. I am not sure with the
pump but I do know with general electronics they do not tend to repair themselves
in fact they usually get worse at a fairly rapid rate once they start to decline.
Maybe this is one of those "things that make you go hmm"
Take Care

email @ redacted wrote:

> also, when you bolused it may have skipped to the suspend screen and instead
> of bolusing you stopped the pump.  check to see if you got the small bolus you
> thought you gave.  to me that makes more sense for a cause.
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