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I am not an expert by any means since I have only been pumping about a month,
but when I was first hooked up to H I saw the same results and was a little
surprised since I have been an H user since dxd. My CDE told me wait it out and
in about a week I started to see a more normal H curve and in my 4th week the H
is working faster and faster. I did not really get a clear answer as to why
this happens but she said she sees it a lot. She also told me that while we are
adjusting everything the more permanent adjustments are made after the first
month of pumping. She said she sees more constant patterns after this time and
can be more precise about dosage. It gets a little better every day :0)

ellen wrote:

> it seems that it takes a full 5 hours for the H bolus to do it's thing...
> is this to be expected or what??? this trend happens no matter what I eat
> or how large the bolus is... ride high for 4 hours then the drop... never
> noticed this on shots but then I was shooting R and N... last time I used H
> *injected* it kicked in so fast that I had to wait till I was halfway
> through a meal before using it...

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