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[IP] Bunk Buttons Mini Med Switcheroo Chapter2

Chapter 2
Mini Med sent me a "replacement pump," and I sent in mine to have the buttons
looked at.  I thought about just keeping the pump that they sent me.  If you
remember from before I had said that it would be like trading in my arm for me
to do that.  Well, I had second thoughts when the "replacement" showed up.
Mini Med said the warranty from my original pump would switch over to the
"replacement" pump.  Hmmm.  Well, yesterday when I put the "replacement" pump
on, I noticed that the back metal sheet looking thing with the Mini Med
numbers all over it was loose.  The part that holds the hinge on.  I wonder if
they sent me bunk pump #2 because I had said I wanted my pump back?  Or if
they overlooked it when they sent it to me.  I have definitely decided that I
want mine back.  The buttons may have skipped, but at least it wasn't falling
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