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Re: [IP] Panic Attacks

panic attacks are the way I know I'm crashing because when I do, it goes
fast... kinda gets your attention... *S*

Ellen B-C

At 10:15 AM 1/12/99 +0000, you wrote:
>> Ellen:
>>    Hmmmm..never thought of it as a "panic attack" but Melissa will
>>    react as if
>> she's "in danger" sometimes, saying "Mom...help me..I don't feel
>> good..help me please". I think I was chalking this up to
>> "melodrama", but your explanation makes it more plausible that she
>> really is feeling "threatened".
>Similar with Lily. She'll show up in the middle of the night, covers 
>in hand and low. She doesn't "feel right" and will remain in our room 
>until morning.
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