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Re: [IP] Battery Problems

> I have been using a Disetronic pump for 3 years, the main
> weakness is the pumps battery life - mine will run from 2 weeks to 6
> weeks - I am not familiar with MiniMed's batteries, but one main
> item is the type of battery, with Disetronic it must be "Silver
> Oxide" if I use regular Alkaline they will last from 3 days to one
> week.

The batteries used in the MM and Disetronic pumps are identical. 
Disetronic simply packages them in a special case.  See the 
Disetronic Battery HOWTO on the HOWTO page of the web site.

Warning -- batteries purchased from retail distribution, even medical 
supply houses, are not always up to snuff. I have found that the 
batteries I purchase from MM directly always last between 2 and 3 
months, while the ones from the drugstore or mail order may last that 
long, or only a few weeks. The problem is in the storage and handling 
of the batteries. They are all made at the same time/place.

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