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Re: [IP] anyone heard of this little trick?

Well I will do my best to explain but the conversation was about 1 and 1/2 years
ago. I had brought in a article form New England Journal of med. They had posted
a study on chromium picolinate and the lowering of BG or the increase os insulin
What they found is in the DMers who were deficient in specific minerals or CP
itself (don't know if chromium picolinate is already in the body)
replacing/adding CP did help lower BG, but in persons with DM with no deficiency
there was no reduction of BG. I can try to find the article but I can't promise
I will be able to. This also was a very preliminary test they did not delve into
much more then the numbers don't know why. I hope you get some rest
Take Care

Brian Carter wrote:

> >
> >I asked my Endo an GP about chromium picolinate and they said it only works
> if
> >you are deficient in the first place, it may be something to look into.....
> >Laura
>  what you mean by deficient in the first place? sorry been up all night
> working (BAD night at the hospital)..
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