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Re: [IP] ? - Strips, Doctors, Insurance

> My suggestion is to go to another Dr. if he treates you like that then you
> don't need him..

Yes, I agree.  I will not go into all the details for it would take about 20
attachments, but I am being black balled in the medical community and my
options currently are very limited.  I wrote a letter to the ABOME regarding
several physicians who were incompetent.  ( I was having some severe medical
problems and none would run test ).  It's a very complicated situation.  We've
thought of moving but financially not feasible right now.  In February I have
an appointment with an Internal Doctor who is suppose to be real "anal" about
blood testing and patients taking care of themselves, we should get a long
great because I am definitely "anal" when it comes to my BS's and health.  I
hoping and praying that he too has not heard of me or my letters.


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