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Re: [IP] ? - Strips, Doctors, Insurance

Are you seeing an endo? Have you been writing down in your log book when you
test? If so I would take that with to show them.
I get 200 test strips per month..I use them. I have to test several times per
day due to pump and meds I am that can play havoc with my blood sugars.
I don't know if a letter would change thier minds but if they saw your log
that might. Insulin should be prescibed based on what you use plus an exptra
bottle. I get 3 bottles per month. I told them I go through that much (I do)
and showed them my log book with the amounts of my basil rate and boluses
I hope you can get your supplies. It can be very stressful to have to
constantly fight for your right to manage your diabetes. I would tell them

At 11:00 AM 1/12/99 , you wrote:
>I really need some help.  I could even use some sample letter that I
>could just hand over to the doctor and staff.  I am seeing the doctor
>that replaced the one I was seeing.  The past few months has been very
>difficult trying to get strips and insulin.  I am questioned and given
>the third degree.  The staff does not believe I test myself
>approximately 10 times a day.  On the pump I've needed more humalog and
>wanted to get some velosulin in case I decide to mix.  I've been on the
>pump less than three months and am still experimenting etc.  Gee's I
>don't need to tell you all that! <VBG>.  It has just been so stressful
>the last year with the Medical community here and I am just walking on
>pins and needles whenever I have to speak with one of the staff or a
>doctor.  I am afraid of saying the "wrong" thing.  Over the holiday it
>took three phone calls to the doctors office and four to the pharmacists
>just to get 300 strips.  Now the doctors office has allowed me to get
>600 strips to last me one year.  I test on average 10 / day.  Of course
>this all to obtain insurance coverage, but without that I couldn't
>afford to purchase them.
>Anyway I go this Thursday to this doctor and want to be able to say
>something to the doctor about the staff and the hassles I get.  I would
>appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, and support.  It's dealing
>with people like this office and doctors that won't listen that make
>this disease the most difficult for me.
>On a humorous note:  What do they think I am going to do with the
>strips?  Smoke them and get a buzz!  :-)  Or possibly they think I'll
>sell them on the street and start pushing strips and insulin.
>Thank you in advance.
>IDDM 36 years, since age 3,
>pumping 2 1/2 months.
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