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Re: [IP] Creepies

>i beleive that the adrenal glans raise the pulserate when the sugar level
>drops at a fast rate(dont take this as gospel)but i have noticed my own
>pulse speeds up when i have a low sugar,

This explains another low BG phenomenon I've noticed, but have been
reluctant to bring up publicly <vbg>...  The adrenal response is otherwise
known as the "Fight or Flight" response.  One of the other reactions,
besides increased pulse, is the need to use the bathroom, URGENTLY!!  I've
noticed that when I go low rapidly, I often "feel the need" and stand there
trying to decide which is more important, to cram the glucose in my mouth
or go into the little room to answer "nature's call".  My upbringing makes
me shudder at the thought of doing the two at the same time!

Mary Jean

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