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[IP] Battery Problems

I have been using a Disetronic pump for 3 years (I am 63 years old and and hold an Aeronautical Engineering degree), but the main weakness is the pumps battery life - mine will run from 2 weeks to 6 weeks - I am not familiar with MiniMed's batteries, but one main item is the type of battery, with Disetronic it must be "Silver Oxide" if I use regular Alkaline they will last from 3 days to one week.  I hope this helps, replacing the battery is very simple and that's one reason I have always argued with Disetronic on the charges for the battery kit.  Disetronic charges $10.00 for the replacement (2 bat. holders), you can buy one battery from a range of $1.45 to $2.25.  As you get older an being retired you try to look on ways to save money realistically and this is one area where I believe MiniMed allows you to replace your own batteries.  Disetronic will not talk about the individual replacement.