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Re: [IP] Creepies

At 05:39 AM 1/12/1999  Shaun Kluzek wrote:
>i beleive that the adrenal glans raise the pulserate when the sugar level
>drops at a fast rate(dont take this as gospel)but i have noticed my own
>pulse speeds up when i have a low sugar,i have had IDDM for 21 years with
>no complications to date i recently had an ecg done and it was fine.,i
>guess you should at least qusetion your doctor (owing to the fact you have
>had bypass surgery) about the low sugar and increased heart rate.I hope this
>helps you somewhat

When this happens, I'm not sure it's as simple as an increased pulse
rate... a rapid pulse was a symptom of a rapid drop in BG, from early on.
My annual stress EKG is perfect each year and the irregular feeling
heartbeat doesn't occur regularly during low BG or at other times. I
believe others on this list have also reported the same phenomena. 


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