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[IP] Re: Silhouettes

Bill wrote:

> We also sell the Silhouette set which
> is identical to the Tender set sold by Disetronic.  The Silhouette set is an
> angled insertion set which goes in the body at an angle set by the patient.

A question and a suggestion:
Question:  Will MiniMed be coming out with a Silhouette that is
shorter?  This is the set my daughter uses, but she's only 5 and I've
found we can't insert the whole thing.  We leave about 1/4" out, but
sometimes this leads to crimping.

Suggestion:  The 30 degree angle that is recommended with the Sils is
way too deep for most people.  Many on this list find 10 degrees to be
better, yet unless a person has access to this wonderful group, they
don't know to insert shallower to minimize pain.

Kayla's mom
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