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Re: [IP] Creepies

i beleive that the adrenal glans raise the pulserate when the sugar level
drops at a fast rate(dont take this as gospel)but i have noticed my own
pulse speeds up when i have a low sugar,i have had IDDM for 21 years with
no complications to date i recently had an ecg done and it was fine.,i
guess you should at least qusetion your doctor (owing to the fact you have
had bypass surgery)about the low sugar and increased heart rate.I hope this
helps you somewhat
At 05:07  11/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>At 04:21 PM 1/11/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>>email @ redacted wrote:
>>> Does anyone else here have severe panic attacks (so to speak) when your
>>> sugar drops?  When my BG gets low I start to freak out about who I am
>and why
>>> I do the things I do, and say things I say.  Like looking in the mirror
>>> wondering who you are.  I get all panicked about dying etc.  I heard of
>>> someone else with diabetes doing this also, and wondered if any of you
>>> experienced this?
>I sometimes get what feels like irregular heart beats when I'm dropping low
>fast. I never noticed this before I had my by-pass surgery 4 years ago. The
>doctor said it was nothing to worry about... easy for him to say...
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