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Re: [IP] New pump-old pump

I think thats a fantastic idea after all diabetes doesnt discriminate why
should we?id gladly give my old pump to someone however im just about to
receive my first pump,i hope someday
ill need a new one and i can give my old pump to someone who cant afford it :)
At 05:40  11/01/99 -0500, you wrote:
>My new Min-Med pump will be here Thurs. I am excited..but am sad to have to
>good bye to my Disetronic pump. I need the sqaure wave bolus feature
>because of
>some other ehalth problems and certain meds I am taking and it is the opinion
>of my medical team that the sqaure wave will be of a great help to me. But
>I am
>so thankful that I have had my Disetronic pump because it has saved my
life. I
>like the D pump..
>I hope I will be able to figure out how to work the new pump..
>I also ordered the soft set I use bent needle now..I hope it will agree
>with me
>as it is teflon. 
>my new pump will be here in Thurs..excited and sad at the same time..
>I wish Disetonic would have upgraded thiers..I would have chosen that again.
>But..Oh well..
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