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Re: [IP] No Delivery Alarms & White Stuff

frances richardson wrote:
> Timing is everything...................I have been on MM 507 2.5 years and
> only recently have had a rash of "No Delivery" alarms.  I usually reset or
> unscrew neck and re-screw back on since the manual says someting about
> pressure.  Recently they have happened two or three times in a few hours and
> I just end up changing out everything...(hate that for economic reasons).
> Sometimes it seems to be site/absorption problems.  Have not looked for
> white crystal stuff.

I hope you've seen the info about running the plunger up and down twice while 
twisting it around to get the silicone lubricant spread evenly. This is done
before loading it with insulin.
>  Do I look at the canala where it was in my skin?

That's the first place it appearsm, from the bottom end of the canula up.
it may work all the way back to the syringe, but no normally.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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