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Re: [IP] No Delivery Alarms & White Stuff

Timing is everything...................I have been on MM 507 2.5 years and
only recently have had a rash of "No Delivery" alarms.  I usually reset or
unscrew neck and re-screw back on since the manual says someting about
pressure.  Recently they have happened two or three times in a few hours and
I just end up changing out everything...(hate that for economic reasons).
Sometimes it seems to be site/absorption problems.  Have not looked for
white crystal stuff. 

 Do I look at the canala where it was in my skin?  Or for floating white
crystals near the neck of tubing close to the pump part?  I seem to remember
something about this a few months back...but not having the problem, didn't
pay much attention.  

Weirdest no delivery was when our dog (who has grown used to me with the
pump, clicking and suspending and such) woke me up an hour earlier than
usual one morning recently.  I was really mad at told him to leave me alone,
"just a little longer" I kept saying.  Dog was insistant on getting me up,
even growling at me.   So I  sat up in bed and then heard this beeping - the
no delivery alarm was going like crazy, tested and was over 300!!  Shamu the
pekapoo got many smooches and an extra long walk!   

One more note...How many pumpers do we have in the Carolinas??? Sure seems
like I hear from a lot.  AND still only one in North Alabama - Huntsville!...
Bonnie Richardson

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