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Re: [IP] Creepies

At 04:21 PM 1/11/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Does anyone else here have severe panic attacks (so to speak) when your
>> sugar drops?  When my BG gets low I start to freak out about who I am
and why
>> I do the things I do, and say things I say.  Like looking in the mirror and
>> wondering who you are.  I get all panicked about dying etc.  I heard of
>> someone else with diabetes doing this also, and wondered if any of you have
>> experienced this?

I sometimes get what feels like irregular heart beats when I'm dropping low
fast. I never noticed this before I had my by-pass surgery 4 years ago. The
doctor said it was nothing to worry about... easy for him to say...


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