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Re: [IP] Creepies

I'm so glad you brought this up.  I have had diabetes for 6 years and
pumping for 3.  Over the last 2 years I have experienced major
"creepies". (panic attacks)  What happens is when I get a low I always
over treat then freak out about what if I pass out etc...  Then start
doing the whole funky monkey about this is how I'm going to die.  Then
what happens is I panic even anticipating having a low.  I have begun
getting out of control with my BG because I fear being too low.  Have
had several anxiety attacks also in resturants fearing or not trusting
myself or my pump.  This has nothing to do with my pump it is all me and
my what if scenarios has gotten in the way of maintaining good control.
To end on a more positive note I am getting back to basics by keeping a
log again and carbo counting more accurately.   By reading everyone
e-mails and your input has encoured me to get back in control.

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