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Re: [IP] bent cannuela and strange happenings

GTE/notebook wrote:
> When I replace my site and pull my old site out my cannuela (sofset) is
> bent to one side pretty severe almost flat against the base. I assume
> this is why my sites only last about 48 to 55 hours. 

SofSets may work back out of you under the tape in certain circumstances.
Seems that when you bend forward, with it in the abdomen anyway, the skin 
flexes in such a way that it pushes the base farther out and there's nothing
solid there to push it back when you straighten up. do that a few times and 
it may be pushed right out of you under the tape. This can be made worse if 
the tape "tents" away from the skin under motion.

I have no issue
> with changing my site every other day and I like the fact that I get the
> same insertion level since my insulin absorption can be erratic. I have
> tried the other sets and my absorption was worse then on MDI , so my
> question is even though my numbers are fair (only been pumping not quite
> a month ) but way better then MDI is this causing more harm to my
> tissue? 

Not really. The Teflon isn't stiff enough to hurt you in most cases, it
just crimps and stops delivering, or drains on top of the skin if it worked
out somehow.

> The strange thing that happened was the other night I took a small bolus
> before bed as I was a tad high at 190 went to bed after delivery woke up
> to an alarm that my pump was in SUSPEND mode what???. 

Did is say Suspend or was it just blairing a loud alarm? My 506 started making
a lot of noise once, and I had to remove the batteries and reset them to 
stop it. When I called MiniMed I was told that the battery clip could be 
cracked, and it was. They sent me a new batery holder, and i just took care
not to put pressure on the case since that made the batteries disconnect. 
Suggest you pull out the batteries and see if the bottom end of the battery 
holder is cracked or damaged.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/