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Re: [IP] long term diabetes folks


   This march will be my 43 rd. year with IDDM and am doing well also, Iam
just curious as to how often you see your DR. or are like me and reley on your
and listen to your body which is constantly telling you something.... I have
gone as long as 2 yrs. without seeing my DR. At age 13 when I was diagnoised
my DR. told me the responsiblity for my health rest on my shoulders....Sure he
instructed me as much as possible.... changed me from a 2500 calorie diet, to
a 3000 calorie diet,
(do you still count calories??) I accepted the responsibility, I have a real
zest for life... I haaave always been very aggresive in my treatment...I have
had thousaands of hypos..many episodes of incoherent noncompliant, and
hundreds of convulsions
 (none since pumping humalog, 7 mo. now)... have 3 adult sons all healthy...
   DMV doesnt require me to wear glasses when I drive!!!!
     mail me personally if you wish... would like to hear more about your

      Take Care
               DON MICKELSON..... in sunny SO. CA.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/