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Re: [IP] The LATEST - laura and the principal...

On  7 Jan 99 at 15:33, email @ redacted wrote:

> I find this unbelieveable that they are writing an IEP up for us without out
> any input from her parents.    Just had to write and vent...

Contact someone from your school board and also the state agency responsible for enforcing the IEP 
standards.  Make sure that you don't sign anything that you don't totally agree with.  It sounds 
like they are "ganging up" on you and trying to pull a fast one.  Check with your 
hospital/CDE/doctor's office to see if there is a CDE you can get to volunteer to go with you when 
they present their "plan" - it will help shoot them down if there is someone there from a third 
party who has credentials in the field...  that way if they say "no testing" then you have a 
professional to say "that is unacceptable"...   

Don't let a bunch of bureaucratic jerks endanger the health of your daughter...

Randall P. Winchester
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