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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin stinging...

On  7 Jan 99 at 11:00, email @ redacted wrote:

> My daughter says that a 5 unit bolus "stings" so if she is high and needs to
> do five she breaks it down into increments of 2 and 3 unilt boluses.

The stinging sensation is a normal reaction to a relatively large bubble of liquid being introduced 
into a space where there usually isn't anything like that.  The volume can displace small blood 
vessels and nerves and the body is reacting to the shifting positions.  The speed of injection is a 
factor here - slower injection results in less sting.  If your daughter is using a MiniMed then it 
might be worth trying a square wave to spread the injection out over time.  The Disetronic runs a 
bolus in faster due to their method of variable pressure/volume.  I don't think the time is 
variable on the D pumps...  so there you'd be forced to do what she's already doing.

Randall P. Winchester
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