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[IP] No Delivery Alarms & White Stuff

     Hi folks,
        A question specifically for MiniMed 507/c pumpers - I've seen 
     many of you MM pumpers talking about getting a random "no delivery 
     alarm". This is a HUGE relief, that often it's not serious. I've 
     been pumping 2 months, and have had 2 "false" no delivery alarms. 
     One was due to low batteries, and the other occurred while I was 
     trying to bolus, walking outside with a friend and about to eat a 
     snack. We had to go home because I was afraid I needed to change 
     the set. Although I had no site problems, and my sugar was fine 
     (104), I did have cloudy white stuff building up at the NECK of the 
     tubing - the very beginning of the tubing coming out of the 
        I have had this happen A LOT. Bill Van Antwerp, Minimed guy, 
     what do you make of this? I feel like I'm wasting my tubing and 
     infusion sets, but a MiniMed rep who helped me via phone during my 
     first "no delivery" alarm asked me to check for crystallization at 
     the neck of the tubing. Is that what the white stuff is at the 
     tubing neck? Why does it happen so often? What can I do about it?
     Type 1, 15 yrs.
     Age 24
     MM 507c, 2 months

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