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[IP] bent cannuela and strange happenings

When I replace my site and pull my old site out my cannuela (sofset) is
bent to one side pretty severe almost flat against the base. I assume
this is why my sites only last about 48 to 55 hours. I have no issue
with changing my site every other day and I like the fact that I get the
same insertion level since my insulin absorption can be erratic. I have
tried the other sets and my absorption was worse then on MDI , so my
question is even though my numbers are fair (only been pumping not quite
a month ) but way better then MDI is this causing more harm to my
tissue? The only place I can use is my stomach since everywhere else I
tried I get bleed back in my pump line not enough fat tissue yet.
The strange thing that happened was the other night I took a small bolus
before bed as I was a tad high at 190 went to bed after delivery woke up
to an alarm that my pump was in SUSPEND mode what???. Of course my bg
was sky high cause I had no insulin for I don't know how many hours. so
I took a bolus corrected the BG and went back to bed. I called Minimed
in the morning and the very nice lady and I tried to figure what
happened what we came to was only three possibilities.
1. I rolled in my sleep in such a way that I pressed sel sel act hmmm
all within a very tight time period
2. In my sleep I got up and suspended my pump
3. My pump went crazy
I had a choice to get a new pump or to watch this one and see if there
were any more problems I choose the latter for I am assuming I must have
did this in my sleep and I don't know why... Have any others done things
to there pump while sleeping that would require them to wake up enough
to operate there pump, hit the buttons right then  go back to sleep and
have no idea?
Well I am getting better numbers all the time and am very satisfied with
all aspects of pumping so far but am concerned about the issues
wondering what else I do in my sleep

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