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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #732

<To parents of kids who pump:  Is  it difficult to get your child to do
the fasting that is required to determine basals etc?  My 8 yr old is
fixated on food and I think it would be very difficult to get him to fast
for many hours. Any advice?  thanks.  Kate     email @ redacted>

My daughter, Stephanie, started pumping 3/98 at age 8. We use humalog in her
pump, and found the thought of going without food for long stretches
daunting. Because we use humalog and because Steph processes humalog fairly
rapidly we cut the times suggested for fasting by about half, and did lots
more of them. (Instead of early dinner and fast all night, for example, we'd
do early dinner (4pm) and test basals from 7-10pm, then snack with bolus and
bedtime....later we'd do the same thing during a different part of the day.)
Breaking things down into smaller segments was more hassle, but easier for
her mentally. It took almost 6 weeks to get everything settled using this
method, and at one point we even took a week off from the process to give
ourselves a mental rest, and just bolused to correct during that time period
since her basals weren't straight. Hope this helps.

Betsy Sale

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