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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #732

   When all else fails, try BRIBERY..LOL!! Seriously, it IS a major big deal
to ask a child to do this, so I'd suggest video games, movies, etc, sitting
with him, playing board games, to help pass the time. When my 16 yr old has to
do fasts, she can usually sleep part of the time away.  The most difficult one
is skipping lunch after an early breakfast we've found.  But don't
underestimate just how hard this is & be sure to praise him for complying with
the fast & reward his efforts. Hey, my mother thought it was terrible that I
toilet-trained my 2 girls using M&Ms, but it served the purpose & I assure you
they're not STILL getting rewarded for that!! LOL (of course, my mother
probably thinks that's why Melissa got diabetes????)

Regards, Renee
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