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[IP] Re:cheese

Gina, there's nothing like a little experimentation.  Just have her eat
some cheese for lunch and don't bolus.  Then say 2 and 4 hours later
measure the BG.   The guidelines I was originally given was to start with
about 1/3 U per oz of protein, but I do find that there is protein and
there is protein.  Meat protein tends in me to have bigger effect on my BG
than dairy protein.  For meat in the evening I need about 1U per oz.  You
may find differences in different kinds of cheese, so it is worth
experimenting.  And your daughter might love trying all those new cheeses

how much protein is safe to take without covering with insulin?? In
looking at my counter, it doesnt look like a lot of the proteins need to
be covered with a bolus.  My daughter loves cheese.  So far she has been
able to take 2-3oz at a time without raising her sugars.  what do other
people do to cover proteins??


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