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Re: [IP] Clip Case

	Barbara, I when I talked to the woman who started Unique, she told
me she sent the original design and sample to Minimed for evaluation and
possibly sale.  They apparently said they wereent interested, but a few
months later than began offering something that looked just like what she
had sent.

	Jay, the soft case we are talking about here is called the "Clip
Case" by Minimed, and the "Clip and Go" by Unique.  It is not rigid, but
given the physical abuse I've given my pump (banging, dropping, etc), I'm
no longer worried too much about not having a rigid case.  The Disetronic
Clip Case is a totally different animal.

<<  I use the clip case exclusively.  However, there are differences
 between the one Minimed makes and the one from Unique accessories.  The
 Unique one is of higher quality, most notably, the actual clip is much more
 secure than the one from Minimed.  Minimed really made a cheap copy of the
 Unique. >>

<Someone correct me if I am wrong..., but...it sems to me that MiniMed had a
<clip case before Unique. Bill Antwerp...where are you?
<Barbara B.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

<The "Clip Case" is a new product from Disetronic.  I like
<(or want to like) it because it is a hard plastic case.
<This make me think it will better protect my pump from daily
<life.  The clip on this product is rotatable, thereby
<enabling you to orient the pump however you would like.


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