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I have the 507C and I get the "NO DELIVERY ALARM" every so often. I just
reset it and finish taking my bolus that was not delivered. Sometimes, it
could mean that your batteries are low. If you take the left over bolus and
there is no problem with your alarm, just carry on and don't change
anything. Yesterday, my alarm went off during my bolus, I reset it and all
went fine. No need to change my site and it's all ok so far. Just my 0.02
worth. Hope it helps.

Stacey Phillips

Melvin Abbott wrote:

> Anyone,
> I'm on the mm 507C, the alarm went off on it today....The description of
> why was NO DELIVERY... I could not find a problem.  What I did was reset
> the pump.   Should I reset the pump or do most people change the
> infusion set??
> I'm Tammy Abbott
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