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Re: [IP] Softsets, comfort sets, tenders, etc., etc....

andrew Leynse wrote:
>     I have been pumping for about a month and a half now, and of course
> think I know everything, but I am absolutely in the dark about all the
> different "sets" people use with their pumps.  I have been using what
> Minimed sent me in my original intro package :   sof-set ultimate infusion
> sets with a quick release.  Please explain all of these other tubing
> designs, and their purposes.  Can they all be used with a minimed pump? 

The other sets are actuallyy all the same. Known variously as Prueline Comforts,
Disetronics Tenders, or MiniMed Silhouettes, they are made by Maersk, a company 
in Denmark and packaged under different brand names.

They can be used with a MiniMed pump, which is why MiniMed now sells them. As
a matter of fact you can see them on MiniMed's webpage at:

They use a different idea, putting a longer canula in on a slant rather than
straight down. This gives the option to control how deep it goes in, which is 
important for thin folks like me, since the thinner fat layer may be overshot
(undershot?) with the Sofset straight-in design. It also stays on better because
of the flat design and strong tape base, plus the detachment point is built 
in the base instead of out on the hose. Needs NO overtaping for most of us.

> use my little sof-serter to insert the infusion set - can I only use certain
> types of tubing with thte sof-serter?

It's oonly for MiniMed's own design. The tubing isn't the issue, the size 
and shape of the base is.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/