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Re: [IP] I Got my Pump !!!

Bill King wrote to Lily:

>Fear is a normal emotion that we all experience and keeps us sharp and
>focused. You are right on target to changing your quality of life. You are
>well connected to accessing veteran pumpers. Document everything, including
>your emotions, and someday you'll look back and laugh. Good luck to you.

When I first started pumping, I got to one of those "bumps in the road" -
one of those days when absolutely nothing was going right and I was
wondering if the hassle was worth it.

I started keeping a little log, separate from my BG log. I titled it "What
I learned today". I forced myself to sit down and write down one thing I
learned that day - especially on those days when nothing was working out
right. Not really a diary, but especially useful on those days when I was
kicking myself in the butt for doing something "stupid" or frustrating. It
helped me focus on something positive, rather than negative - very useful
for dealing with some of the "start up emotions". Bill is right - I laugh
when I look back on it now :-)

Bob Burnett

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