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Re: [IP] I Got my Pump !!!

Fear is a normal emotion that we all experience and keeps us sharp and
focused. You are right on target to changing your quality of life. You are
well connected to accessing veteran pumpers. Document everything, including
your emotions, and someday you'll look back and laugh. Good luck to you.
Bill King
In a message dated 1/9/99 1:41:22 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:
<< Hello to all  my fellow pumpers!!
        I received my Disetronic HPlus this week and I'll be pumping insulin
 by Wed. I've read the manual, watched the video a few times and got my copy
 Pumping Insulin. So you would think that I'm ready, so why am I so nervous?
 intelligent, an RN and mechanical things generally don't scare me. I suppose
 this is normal but anything that anyone can suggest is always
 appreciated. Please bear with me!                                            
 Lily >>
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