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[IP] High Glycemic Foods

<<How high a number are you getting at this time? If the BG is normal at
2 to 3
hours later, then there is not problem. The high number reflects the
absorption into the blood stream. The digestion process from mouth to
emptying takes 4 to 5 hours. Barbara B.>>
Barbara, I've gone up to around 250 1 hour post-prandial, then down to
normal  2 hours later.  Am I wrong in thinking that a non-diabetic would
not achieve those blood sugars?  My understanding was that I should be
able to maintain a 1 hour post prandial of <180 with shots.  I would
expect that using a pump with lispro would allow me to have better
control w/o spiking.  I certainly don't need to eat high glycemic foods,
but if I can, and when I do, I'm curious to know the best method.

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