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Re: [IP] Re: Staph Infections

At 04:11 PM 01/10/99 -0500, Michael Abner wrote:

>I am getting ready to go on the MM 507c with in the next 2 weeks.  I have
>tried to read all that I can.  I am concerned with the infections some of you
>are getting.  Do all Pump users get this?  Is this something that I will get
>and cannot avoid getting?  I was surprised to learn that you can't always use
>your stomach and adomane for your infusion sets.  Is this one of the causes of
>infections?  Do you regret going on the pump?


Infections are something all pumpers need to watch out for. If you use
proper sterile technique when changing sets, change sets as instructed, and
don't "push the envelope" too much, you should do fine. You should receive
instruction in these areas from your health care team during pump initiation.

There is evidence to indicate that folks who've had a staph infection are
at greater risk of repeat infections. Note that these first infections
don't necessarily need to have been pump related. I've been pumping for
close to 3 years and haven't had an infection. I don't use anything more
sophisticated than soap and water, I.V. Prep and Site Prep for my sites. I
do change every 2 days for metal needles, and every 3 days for Tenders.
I've gone as long as 5 days on a Tender, and 3.5 days with a metal needle,
but this is very unusual for me.

It's always advisable to rotate your sites, even when injecting. Over use
*can* result in less than optimal absorption of insulin. One reason many
pumpers notice site "degradation" in the abdomen is we used / overused that
location for many years for injections, prior to pump therapy. I was
injecting for about 39 years prior to pumping, so finding good "real
estate" for my infusion sets can be challenging. Currently, I'm trying to
avoid my abdomen for the next three months, to return it to "it's youthful
splendor" <vbg>

I don't think over use of a site such as the abdomen increases the chance
of staph infection - staph infection results from bacteria. One of the best
ways to avoid the chance of staph infections is avoid breathing on the set
or site when changing. If you sneeze, touch your nose, etc. when changing
sets, wash up and start again.

Do I regret going on the pump - not at all. Is it always easy - no. Is it
always fun - no. Am I better off now than I was prior to pumping - you bet
I am ;-) Would I give it up - reluctantly, and only for something which I
thought was decidedly better.

Good luck - this site is the best spot to come for additional advice -
there's usually someone home. We do make house calls (well, cyber house
calls) and never bill for the service :-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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