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Re: [IP] Staph Infections

> > Red and slightly painful IS infected.
> I don't entirely agree, Michael.
> Inserting anything alien into body tissue ultimately causes
> histamine to be released in that area, with stimulates the nerve
> endings, causing tenderness, and makes the blood capillaries leaky,
> causing redness and inflamation. This happens whether or not there's
> any infection as well. It's the body's natural "this doesn't belong
> here" response. Infection will make it worse, but we have to learn
> for ourselves what the difference is.

Hmmm..... the description "red and painful" is what I find 
disturbing. Lily always has a red dot or small bump, but rarely every 
has anything that could be remotely called painful. On the occasions 
where this occurs, it is clearly different than usual and she takes 
additional precautions.

Michael <email @ redacted>
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