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Re: [IP] Happy New Year!/Attn.Ruth

I don't know.

I can tell you what I do know and maybe it will help explain something -- or not.

I know what I already told you about the swings and symptoms.  I've read that
information in numerous medical journals in the Kaiser's doctor's library and in
the med school library at UVA.  I've also been told that over the years, usually
at research hospitals -- UCSF and UVA so I think it is a pretty well documented
common phenomenon.

I also know that they can train you to pay attention to more subtle symptoms (UVA
used to -- 1990 -- have a trainer who worked with people to do this.   It is much
more subtle but there are small things you can learn to notice.

Last note, your pre-pump experience sounds like it was actually full of symptoms
-- i.e. staggering (loss of muscular or nervous system control, loss of balance or
coordination or some combo of the three) and lack of general awareness (I
sometimes get spacey and vague and stop noticing things I normally pay quite a bit
of attention to.  When I loose the hypo awareness, I am alert when I get low and
so, while the symptoms are much milder if there at all, I manage to remember to
blood test and I can finish the job of getting the sugar I need instead of sort of
wandering around.)  The alertness sounds to me less like a symptom of hypo than
like your normal self able to wake up when somethings wrong, the way you might if
a child were sick in the house or you heard a noise outside or if you were lying
in an uncomfortable position.  That may not be true but its a possibility to think

Anyway, just stuff to think about.  I'm not sure to what degree it actually


email @ redacted wrote:

> Thanks for your comments Ruth.  I have definitely been swinging.  However, let
> me ask you this about Hypo. Unawareness.   It's true that my BGs have been
> more controlled with the pump than with MDI.  Pre-pump, I would NOT wake up in
> the middle of the night in a reaction.  In the morning, either my husband
> would notice or I would wake up and stagger to get something to eat.  Now that
> I am on the pump, I will sit up in bed in the middle of the night with a low
> BG.  I am very alert and very aware that my BG is low even though I confirm it
> by testing.  I like this because I have not had any lows that I can't readily
> treat.  With a more subtle variation in BG, it seems that I would be less
> likely to know I am low while sleeping.  Instead, I am more aware.  Why do you
> think this is happening?  Just curious about your thoughts on the subject.
> ellen
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