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Re: [IP] Happy New Year!/Attn.Ruth

Thanks for your comments Ruth.  I have definitely been swinging.  However, let
me ask you this about Hypo. Unawareness.   It's true that my BGs have been
more controlled with the pump than with MDI.  Pre-pump, I would NOT wake up in
the middle of the night in a reaction.  In the morning, either my husband
would notice or I would wake up and stagger to get something to eat.  Now that
I am on the pump, I will sit up in bed in the middle of the night with a low
BG.  I am very alert and very aware that my BG is low even though I confirm it
by testing.  I like this because I have not had any lows that I can't readily
treat.  With a more subtle variation in BG, it seems that I would be less
likely to know I am low while sleeping.  Instead, I am more aware.  Why do you
think this is happening?  Just curious about your thoughts on the subject.
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