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Re: [IP] Back and happy

I think I might do the same thing. My Endo wants me at 160 or below 2
hrs after a meal but from my readings that constantly means a low and
generally a severe one at that. I don't know what if any damage being at
mid 200's 2 hrs after a meal but on it's way down to mid or low 100's 4
rs after a meal does verses the other. I know my fruitosimine ( I am
sure this is spelled wrong ) has already dropped by 102 points in the
first 3 and 1/2 weeks of pumping, it is now at 470 which is good fro me
because I was always above 550 on MDI which means very bad A1C. I have a
meter at home they measures fruitosimine so I get a good guess on what
my A1C is going to be and that is my biggest concern. I know I don't
feel ill at all when my BG is 250 only if it stays there a while do I
start feeling yucky. I guess I will have to see what works for me and
gives me the healthiest alternative.
Take Care

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