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Re: [IP] Staph Infections

> > I was told that bumps are a way of showing allergy to a set.  I get
> > them often--red and slightly painful to the touch, but not infected.
> >  For me they go away within a few days and I just wait for a couple
> > of weeks to go very near the site again.
> Red and slightly painful IS infected.

I don't entirely agree, Michael.

Inserting anything alien into body tissue ultimately causes histamine to
be released in that area, with stimulates the nerve endings, causing
tenderness, and makes the blood capillaries leaky, causing redness and
inflamation. This happens whether or not there's any infection as well.
It's the body's natural "this doesn't belong here" response. Infection
will make it worse, but we have to learn for ourselves what the
difference is.

Thankfully teflon cannulas delay the onset of this response, but it
happens eventually, which is why we change set every few days.

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