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Re: [IP] sofsets and comfort sets

> I don't know, she likes it that way. She uses the sof-serter an just 
> goes "plunk" into her tummy. She tried the sof-sets for a while in 
> the back, but the button and tubing kept getting messed up with her 
> clothes. She doesn't want to use that "long" needle in her tummy and 
> is happy with the SofSets there.
> Michael

I tried SofSets in my backside a few months ago. Unlike Lily, I found
the clunk-and-its-in of the SofSerter much easier than twisting round to
get a Tender in. In fact I got the feeling that the absorbtion wasn't so
reliable, so I just use my stomach now. With a Tender in your stomach
it's much easier to view the site and judge if it needs changing.

Since the insulin is ultimately absorbed through the muscle layer, with
its good blood supply, beneath the fat, I'm careful to select a site
with plenty of fat, but also muscle rather than bone underneath, and I
put the Tender in a very shallow angle.

In the last 3 months I've also slackened off with site cleansing. I was
initially very meticulous, rigorously cleansing with chlorhexidine and
using skin-prep. But now I don't clean the site at all - provided the
area is generally clean to start with. I just stick the Tender straight
in, like I used to with ordinary injections. I've had no trouble with
infections at all. I guess everyone is different, so you need to judge
what your own body needs.

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