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[IP] Re: GlucoPilot for Palm Pilot

On January 4, Harry Trifonas posted a message asking about GlucoPilot for
the PalmPilot or Palm III.  Harry I got a Palm III about a month ago.  It is
the only palm computer I've ever had, so I can't compare it to others.  I
use it mostly for work, downloading my e-mail and aclendar.  But, I did
download GlucoPilot to try.  However, it did not seem to add much value for
me.  I use the AccuChek Complete (since that's the brand of test strips my
HMO provides) and it accepts all the same info as the GlucoPilot.  I found
myself inputting the same data twice.  So if you are only buying the Palm
for diabetes management, I'd recommend skipping it and getting one of the
new meters that track the same info.  It's a lot cheaper.

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