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Re: [IP] Happy New Year!

Unfortunately what Eleen says is true as a young child my glucose readings
swung around quite a bit so i noticed low bloodsugars alot now that i keep
my bloodsugar around 4.0 mmol\l (72.4)
i find that if it slips down a couple of points i dont notice it as im used
to being around this reading and it doesnt take a great deal to lower it.I
have found on past experience that even if your bloodglucose is say even as
high as 12mmol/l (217) and it drops rapidly to say 7mmol (126)
you feel as tho you are having a hypo, it seems as tho the body watches the
SWING in bloodsugar rather than what level it actually is at ,as ive been
on a consistant 3.1 (57) for several hours with no hypoglycaemic reactions
at all.
 09:11  9/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Side note though:  hypoglycemia unawareness can be caused by long term
>or adrenal disfunction but this is usually only a partial cause at best and
>usually only occurs with pretty severe complications.  Hypoglycemia
>frequently comes with tight control -- especially if you manage to stay in
>70-100 range for several days consecutively and consistently and do so
much of the
>time.  The out of control holiday blood sugars would definately cause the
>of those symptoms -- the swings in bg tend to increase them, especially
when you
>go through a period of suddenly swinging around again.  In other words,
>out of control periods will probably preserve those symptoms.  They are not
>correlated to bg -- you can have them at 200 or at 20, they are correlated
to bg
>swings and adrenal responses.
>Sorry,  wish that weren't the way it is.
>> 5.  And last but not least, over the holidays, my hypoglycemia
unawareness is
>> gone.
>>      I started feeling all those little sensations that I have not felt
in a
>> long time.
>> I must say that I think I am a pump success case.  I encourage anyone on
>> fence (to pump or not to pump) to go for it.  Good luck.  ellen
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