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Re: [IP] Re: IEP"S

In a message dated 1/9/99 8:35:44 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>According to our special education director(and I cofirmed with our state"s
>department of education), diabetes is not allowed SOLELY to set up IEP's.
>can attach an Individual Health Care Plan(similar to an IEP but set up
>the health office and your endo) to an EXISTING IEP. The new regulations
>IEP's now state that the goals on that IEP have to be education specific.
>Health related issues do not apply.

Actually diabetes by itself, or any other condition by itself, is not a reason
for an IEP. The key here is does the condition either by itself or in concert
with another condition impait the student's academic success.  If so then then
the student is eligible for special education services.

>The IEP regualions are changing within the next year or so.(at least here in

Each state and special ed. agency interprets and executes the federal law in
its own way, but the federal law is remains the same.

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