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Re: [IP] Reluctant backside users

No, sof sets.  Since a pregnancy looks like its in the offing, I may have
to try the tenders.  I've been anxious about more allergic reactions to
new kinds of needles (they pretty much rescued me from terminal discomfort
when they invented sof sets with the non-metal needles) and to have to do
battle with the insurance company yet again, especially as our insurance
changed and I got  new insurance for 5 months as of Jan 1st and they have
already denied my test strips.  I will need to get on the ball and try
again.    Your description sounds about like where I tried -- I kept
sliding my jeans down and rubbing against the site and after the 2nd or
3rd time the tape was a tad looser and the edge of the catheater caught.
Maybe I have after all these years simply learned to keep my tummy away
from things and now need to stop recklessly allowing my hips and butt to
bump up against book bags, doorways and the like? :-)  I guess I need to
keep working on it.

Michael wrote:

> > I've tried the backside area a few times on Kayla, even though she
> > hated the idea, and each time was not good.  A few things happened.
> > She kept forgetting it was there and would irritate the site pulling
> > her pants up and down.
> Hmmm...... the site should be selected so the pants don't really
> touch it.
> The area where the waste slims a little, above the curvey part of the
> buttocks, there is a small area that is usually free from contact at
> the edge or just below the panty line (non-bikini). You get a swath
> to use the runs from almost the hip inwards toward the middle of the
> back. It's only a couple of inches on a small person, but has a nice
> pad of flesh that is not directly over muscle. As Kasey says, this
> gets very small for a child, but would be interested in knowing if
> experimentation with this area works. Are you using Tenders/equiv?
> Michael
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