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Re: [IP] Re: Staph Infections

Michael wrote:

> >
> > I was told that bumps are a way of showing allergy to a set.  I get
> > them often--red and slightly painful to the touch, but not infected.
> >  For me they go away within a few days and I just wait for a couple
> > of weeks to go very near the site again.
> Red and slightly painful IS infected. More attention to site prep is
> warranted. Also, put a dab of polysporin or bacitracin on the site
> when the set is removed. If it is red, soak with a hot compress twice
> daily.

Compresses are great!  The anti-bacterial ointments like polysporin are
good for short periods of time.  I don't think you are supposed to use
them over a long period of time for two reasons.  The first is that you
will build up an immunity to them so they stop working on bacteria (this
sounds like it would take quite a while to happen though).  The second had
to do with the healing process -- the site will eventually become unusable
(and I can't remember why -- there was once a discussion about this here
but long before that I had two series of incidents about 5 years apart in
Virginia and in California where 2 different doctors said basically the
same thing in very different ways).  At any rate, this is one of those
great once in a while solutions but not a great idea for every time unless
you plan to stop having to pump in the next few years.  (Sorry to be so
callous, but when I started pumping they said that in 5 years tops we
wouldn't need to do this anymore and it has been 17 years.  If you plan to
die in 10 or less years, it probably doesn't matter but for children and
the rest of us who would like to live to a ripe old age with a minimum of
frustrating problems, this could be hazardous.  I learned the hard way
that most of these "quick" fixes backfire 5-15 years down the road).

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