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Re: [IP] Re: Staph Infections

Yes.  This is true.  Try a variety of bandages and tapes -- one at a time
on 3-4 clean, not irritated sites.  This should give you some idea.  If
the adhesive from the bandages makes your skin itch they may get infected
so bad choice.  Watch out for the various cleaning fluids and don't use
things like adhesive remover (try those nylon bath scrubber things to get
the adhesive residue off) and emla cream.   Use cleaning swabs that have a
purer substance -- iodine is messy but it really works.

Good luck!  I had this problem for a long time.  The polyskin seems to
work best and the newer sof set bandages do fine too.  Tape is nearly
always a disaster.

Our DE did

> say that allergies or sensitivity to bandages or tape could also
> result in similar problems.
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